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    From Mystery Money surprises to VIP-only sale events to our members-only customer service line, extra luxuries are what being a VIP is about.

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    Are you an Amazon Prime member?

    Every All Yours East Dane Rewards member with Prime will receive early access to new-to-sale items once a month.


    It's our loyalty program, and we've designed it to give back to our best customers—that would be you—because we're glad you're here.

    It's our women's loyalty program—exactly the same as All Yours East Dane Rewards, but connected to Shopbop, our women's site. Because these programs are connected, you can't be a member of both, but your purchases from both sites will contribute to your annual spend—and you can redeem benefits on either site. If you decide you'd rather be a member of Yours Truly Shopbop Rewards, just deactivate your All Yours East Dane Rewards membership and head on over to Shopbop to sign up.

    If you already have an East Dane account, all you need to do is visit the All Yours East Dane Rewards page and sign up. If you don't yet have an East Dane account, you can create one here and then sign up to become a member of All Yours East Dane Rewards. The program is totally free to join—no minimum spend required. (In other words: perks for all.)

    Your level is determined based on your spend from December 1 of the previous year to 30 days before today. So, if you join on May 15, 2019, your level is calculated by adding up your purchases from December 1, 2018-April 15, 2019. Items you buy on Shopbop | East Dane, including purchases made using gift certificates, contribute to your spend.

    The following do not apply to your spend amount: Returned purchases, purchases of gift certificates, duties, taxes, gift-wrapping, and shipping fees.

    Once you've signed up for All Yours East Dane Rewards, you gain access to a personalized dashboard with all the details about your program level, the perks that come with it, your progress toward the next level, and the benefits you'll enjoy once you get there.

    Yes. Here's how this works:
    Once determined, your level status is valid through the end of the following year. So if you join in May 2018, your level will reset on Dec. 31, 2019.
    Level resets are based on your past year's spend. For example, if you're currently in the Gold level, and your purchases last year add up to an amount in the Silver range, your level will reset to Silver.

    We will alert you of your perks or send them to you by email. Some of the perks will be available at checkout, and others are use-whenever coupons, but whatever the benefit, we'll email you everything you need to make sure you get your perks.

    At this time, we cannot combine accounts, so to maximize your perks, we urge you to shop under one account only. By shopping under one account, you can receive credit toward your program level status for every purchase you make (and reap some serious rewards).

    To get these perks, you need to be a member of both All Yours East Dane Rewards and Amazon Prime. Make sure you link these two accounts so you can automatically start receiving Amazon Prime-specific loyalty benefits.
    If you’re not sure how to link your East Dane and Amazon Prime accounts, please contact customer service contact customer service and they’ll help you update your information (and get your perks).

    They're right here:

    All Yours East Dane Rewards (hereafter known as the Program) is governed by these policies and FAQs and by the BOP Conditions of Use.

    To participate in All Yours East Dane Rewards, you must have an East Dane account, and only one account may be associated with your Program participation. Promotional codes you receive as part of the Program are subject to the terms and conditions included with those codes and may not be used to apply discounts towards previous purchases, purchases of gift certificates, taxes, duties, or shipping (unless otherwise specified). All promotional codes are personal to you, have no cash value, and may not be sold, transferred or shared with others. Unused promotional codes cannot be reissued after expiration date.

    We reserve the right to change, modify or discontinue the Program or these policies and FAQs at any time. Participation in All Yours East Dane Rewards by commercial customers or purchasing for resale is not allowed. Current BOP employees and contractors are not eligible to participate in the Program. We may suspend or terminate your participation in the Program at our sole discretion at any time. In the event that your participation in the Program is terminated, you will not be able to use any promotional codes, even if the expiration dates associated with such promotional codes have not yet passed.

    Shopbop | East Dane employees and customers who shop with a company discount or other auto-applied discount are prohibited from joining the loyalty program.

    The option to deactivate your All Yours East Dane Rewards membership appears at the bottom of your Dashboard page.

    For: Bronze Silver Gold Platinum

    As an All Yours East Dane Rewards member, you get to shop our biggest sales ahead of everyone else. How's that for VIP access?

    For: Platinum

    At East Dane, we love a fun party. And once you hit the Platinum level, you'll be invited to one of our exclusive events each year.

    For: Silver Gold Platinum

    At each level, with the exception of Bronze, you'll receive a birthday discount of 10% (Silver), 15% (Gold), or 20% (Platinum). Happy birthday to you.

    NOTE: Make sure you sign up for loyalty at least a month before your birthday in order to get your special discount. If you sign up less than a month before your birthday, you will have to wait until next year to enjoy this perk—but we promise, it’s worth it.

    Want more details? Right this way.

    For: Bronze Silver Gold Platinum

    You'll graduate to the next level once you've reached the spend ceiling for your current one—and you'll also receive a little token of our appreciation.

    For: Gold Platinum

    Mystery Money is a surprise discount you'll receive at some point during the year—but when? And for how much? That's for us to know and you to find out.

    For: Gold Platinum

    Upon leveling up to Gold, members receive an email with contact info for our special Customer Service line reserved for Gold and Platinum members only. Call anytime, day or night.

    For: Bronze Silver Gold Platinum

    Usually, we only debut new items on weekdays—but it's a different story for VIPs. Once a month, you'll get weekend access to our latest arrivals. (Picture it: couch, coffee, and What's New—VIP-style.)

    For: Bronze Silver Gold Platinum

    All Yours East Dane Rewards members with Amazon Prime will be granted early access to new-to-sale items once a month!

    For: Bronze Silver Gold Platinum

    Throughout the year, you'll be invited to shop loyalty-exclusive private sales featuring top designers, seasonal must-haves, and more. (In other words, this perk is all about treating yourself.)